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Do I Need Readers? 7 Signs You Need An Eye Exam

May 5, 2023
Man Wearing Readers Outside

Most adults will become presbyopic as they age, which is a naturally occurring condition that causes near vision loss. This occurs when the lens begins to harden and loses its flexibility to keep our vision in clear focus. For a deeper dive into presbyopia, read our blog article about it here.  Check out our 7 scenarios below that can be your wake-up call to putting your eye health first and finally seeing in focus.

  1. Over the hill? If you’re in your 40s then it’s completely natural to have noticed a decline in your ability to see print clearly like restaurant menus, smartphones, bath and beauty products, and more. This is completely normal! Eyecare professionals are actually seeing a rise in 20-30 year olds’ need for reading glasses due to the increase in screen time and general overuse of computers and phones.
  2. Are you reading too far away? If you hold reading material out as far as your arm’s length, you probably need readers. Moving your books and screens about 14 inches away from you helps the eyes to focus better, but you can’t do that forever. Finding a reader with the correct magnification will remedy the “accordian arms”.
  3. Does squinting help? When you can’t see, it’s natural to squint your eyes because it will improve clarity for a short amount of time. However, it puts a great deal of stress on the eyes and can make vision worse. This is the number one reason Showerspecs® were created! Our founder kept squinting in her steamy shower and couldn’t tell the different between her bath products.
  4. What a headache! A constant headache when you read or work on your computer is your body’s way of telling you to make a change! What you need is a pair of readers with the appropriate magnification.
  5. Who turned down the lights? A common sign of presbyopia is finding it too dark in restaurants, offices, and your own home. You aren’t turning on all the lights to annoy everyone, brighter light just helps to reduce eye strain!
  6. Seeing halos. If you notice a halo-effect around car lights, stop lights, and other street signs at night then it’s time for an eye exam. Besides halos creating blurry vision and impeding your driving skills, it’s very dangerous and a check in with your optometrist is in order.
  7. Yawwwwn. Do you feel tired after performing activities up close like typing, reading small print, knitting, doing puzzles, etc? It’s natural with presbyopia to experience eye strain and blurry vision which will make you feel more fatigued than normal. Besides scheduling an eye exam and wearing readers, taking more frequent breaks between these activities can help give your eyes a rest.

If most or even as few as three of these scenarios are true for you, you need to visit your eyecare professional for a comprehensive eye exam. Eye health is vital to enjoying life in your 50s, 60s, and way beyond. Showerspecs® and Clearspecs are readers for when you need them most. Our innovative anti-fog lenses prevent the fog up in the shower and bathroom, but also while cooking, drinking hot beverages, and going from cold to hot environments. We’re premium readers with that extra convenience to make life easier!


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