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I created Showerspecs® because I was constantly slowed down by not being able to read product labels in a steamy shower and struggling to get a smooth shave. As a woman over 50 who wears readers daily, I wanted to solve the problem of steamy glasses in the bathroom, and I knew that millions of other adults shared these frustrations.

In 2017, I began prototyping, developing, and testing to figure out how to make readers that didn’t fog, were made of premium materials, and could hang right in the shower. It took almost 3 years because quality was my first priority and in 2020 the Showerspecs® brand was born. Today, we’ve added Clearspecs to our line of fog-free readers and see a future of our original anti-fog technology being used in far more places than just showers!

Our philosophy is simple: Let’s make those small everyday moments easier, so you can spend your time living life. The way I see it, life is short and spending time squinting at shampoo bottles is not as fun as spending time with the ones you love.

-Donna Spurrier, Founder

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