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Don’t live life in a fog.

Meet the readers that are designed to prevent fogging and repel water droplets

We live in an age where simplicity, function and technology can happily coexist. We also know we need readers.

Hi! We’re the Specs family. Meet Showerspecs® and Clearspecs. We’re two brands of readers that have solved the oh-so stubborn problem of fogged up lenses. We have a simple approach: let’s make those personal, everyday moments in life way easier. Whether it’s enjoying a hot bath with your newest read, cooking in a steamy kitchen with family, or wearing a mask at work, our anti-fog readers make the difference.

We take performance seriously by using the highest grade materials designed to work for you, not against you. We make an innovative impact. Our original antifog coating went through three years of development so it stands up against all types of steam…from showers to stovetops.

So go ahead, take a big swig of that piping hot coffee and read the morning paper. Let the shampoo and conditioner mix-up happen to….not you. Life is short. Don’t live life in a fog.

Lightweight &
Stylish Design

Durable Stainless
Steel hinges

Anti-Fog Coating
on Both sides

Premium Quality,
Grade A Acetate

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How they work.

Without Anti-Fog Coating

Glasses animation without coating

Water droplets suspended in the air gather up and form fog particles on the lens surface, making it hard to see through. Larger water droplets cling to the lens surface.

With Anti-Fog Coating

Glasses animation with coating

The hydrophilic anti-fog coating forms a layer on the lens surface, so water is wicked away into a uniform sheet that won’t block light. The hydrophobic coating causes water droplets to bead up and roll off the lens surface.


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