“Sounded too good to be true, but I was happy to be proven wrong. A well-made product that makes my life easier.”

– Donald S.

“Being able to see what I’m doing in the shower takes shaving to a new level.”

– Carol D.

“Thought I would give these a try and what a difference… no more squinting in the shower!”

– Debra B.

“Finally someone invented glasses that don’t fog up in the shower, and it’s awesome!”

– Maryann G.

“They up my shower game, no more guessing when I’m shaving my legs.”

– Molly T.

“Being able to see what I’m doing in the shower takes shaving to a new level.”

– Carol D.


The only thing you should wear in the shower.

It happens. You’re lathering up only to find out you’ve just conditioned your hair, twice. You spot a giant patch of hair you missed when you were shaving your legs. Maybe you washed your face with body oil. Needing readers is a part of life for most of us, so why not use them in the shower too? Showerspecs® is that little something extra to make your life easier!

Shower in focus.


We live in an age where simplicity, function, and technology can happily coexist. This is why Showerspecs® was created. Presbyopia affects 128 million adults in America. If we can’t read small print in our books, our magazines, and our screens, it just makes sense that we need readers in the bathroom, too. Showerspecs® solves the problem of not being able to read product labels, ingredients, and instructions, as well as helping men and women alike shave and groom with better clarity. We’re the first anti-fog reader for the bathroom and shower, and we’re here to make life easier!




For starters, take the cool little hook that comes with your Showerspecs® and place it as far away as you can from your showerhead. (Don’t worry, it won’t mess with your tiles.) Keep your specs on the hook so you know where to find them.



When you’re ready, start your shower. Once your shower starts to create steam, the lenses will fog. 



To activate the fog-reducing coating, rub your dry fingers across the inside and outside of the lens, then put the glasses on. It may take one or more wipes of the lens, depending on how much steam is in your bathroom. (In most cases, the lens will clear within 30 seconds and remain clear for as long as you’re showering.) 



Check it out!  You can see! You can even read all the ingredients in your shampoo if you want! Sodium xylenesulfonate! You can read that!

NOTE: Every shower and bathroom is different when it comes to steam,  so your Showerspecs® will work differently depending on your conditions.  If you have a fan in the bathroom, run it! That will help with the condensation.


Our everyday, stylish, anti-fog readers!